DTL with Educators
“Thank you for sharing your wisdom and spreading the work of Brené Brown—I’m eager to apply what we’ve learned to the classroom.”
“Nicole created a safe place so we had an open dialogue so we were able to learn from each other as we explored the material.”
“Nicole was a wonderful presenter! She was very clear, knowledgeable, and cared about her work.”
In-Person Group Facilitation
“Nicole was able to make everyone feel comfortable in sharing experiences. It was a safe space to talk, ask questions, and share.”
“We were so lucky to have Nicole at our weekend retreat. She facilitated a very thought-provoking session and her messaging reached our entire group — from our youngest members that are high-school aged up through our baby boomers. We left her session inspired and also more united in our cause.”
“She used humor and vulnerability to connect with each of us. Fantastic experience.”
“Nicole modeled the work that she was teaching in real time. She asked questions that encourage deep thinking and truth telling.”


“Nicole was an excellent facilitator. She demonstrated great skill in sharing the course content, keeping us on track, and facilitating powerful conversations with the group.”


“Thanks for all that you do to encourage and support me in my professional journey.”
1-on-1 Coaching
“Nicole was very inviting and supportive.”
“I appreciated this time to think about my goals; it felt like extra time I would not have normally carved out for myself. I will be taking many of the things we talked about with me as I continue to work towards my leadership goals.”
“Thanks Nicole for getting me out of my comfort zone! I look forward to continuing working with you.”
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"Nicole created a powerful environment that led to deep reflection and learning."
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"Nicole was EXTREMELY flexible to the needs of the group and balanced that really well to allow us to complete the curriculum. It was masterful!"
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